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Small Space Storage Idea – Home Organization

Home Storage Hooks with towels

Does your living room look like an ongoing slumber party is going on? I am constantly picking up blankets off the floor and couch – it’s endless. I knew our family wouldn’t take the time to fold our blankets and store them, but leaving them out wasn’t working for me either. So, I transformed a little doorway nook into a creative blanket storage solution. I hope you love this idea and that it inspires a DIY project in your home too!

Supplies & Tools:

Tape Measure and lever
  • Measure the space to add wall hooks.
  • Cut a board to fit the space.
  • Prime and paint or stain the board.
  • Determine how many hooks to install across the board, then measure and mark hook locations. Consider that two of the marks will be covered by hooks.
Screwing a golden hook into a wooden board
  • Use a countersink drill bit to make sure that the wall screws will lay flat behind the wall hooks.
  • Check wall for studs and determine if any of the wall hook locations line up with a stud and use drywall anchors if there are no wall studs.
  • Making sure your board is level on the wall at the correct height, drill pilot holes into the board and through the drywall.
golden hooks
  • Remove the board, add any anchors, and then attach the board to the wall using a drill gun.
  • Hold the hook up to each location and mark the screw holes onto the board.
  • Drill pilot holes for each hook, then attach each hook using the screws that come with the hook.

There are a few considerations to make before starting this home organization DIY. Make sure that the wall hooks are at least the same height at the board. Also, when you’re determining the height to attach the board, consider how long the blankets are so that they’re not dragging on the floor.

The concept of wall hooks is not a new one, but for all the towels, bags, and jackets I already hang onto hooks, it made sense to also hang our everyday blankets as well. Wall hooks are a great solution for several spots in the home, especially for homes that are lacking closet space. Wall hooks are not only extremely functional, but they are decorative as well. The great thing about this home organization DIY is that this wall hook solution can look like it’s a built-in part of the home and you can coordinate the hardware to flow with your home. If blankets, jackets, towels, bags, and stuff are always found on your floors, maybe this DIY storage solution will help add some organization and function to your home.

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